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Have you Lost or Found a Pet?
Create and track  a lost or found pet.
Print a LOST or FOUND pet flyer.



Community ISSUES

Login to create an Issue report!
Receive notification when issue corrected.
Share issue information with your local community.



Community Events

Create, map and track community events as wanted.
 Display local events on the community calendar.
 Events include a Googlemap link for easy reference.


We only build solutions we'd use ourselves!

Taking into account all of the features you will see in our
My-Streets application, you'll soon agree
we have given you the flexibility you will need to
participate & monitor local community interaction,
and as always, giving 100% on all devices!


Pick a spot on the map.

Add a new Issue report!

Touch the screen, drag and drop a pointer on a map.  Log issue reports that all appear on the community map.  

Planning a community Event? 

Add a new Event report!

Use My-Streets to plan, schedule and notify up-coming community events.  Town meetings, Cookie sale, community social, school fairs, a summer picnic, garage sale  and more.  All events include the option to add attachment pictures and reference materials.  Events are tracked by both their physical location (shown on a map) and a calendar indicating the date/dates of the event. 


Your Issue Report 

Help focus resources!

Log a report and easily monitor & track  how quickly your local public works department is performing.  Set notification options to track those issues important to you.

Announce Events

Sponsor an event and let the community know!

Is your local church having a community bake sales?  Are the Girl Scouts having a cookie drive?   Easily create events that automatically appear on a map and in the community calendar.

Made to be responsive

Web-based, fast and works with any browser.

Retina Ready

We love retina displays,.  We support high pixel density screens.

FAQ documentation

FAQ help files system, that allows user to link FAQ files to event and issue reports!

Native iOS WebApp

If you own an iOS device, you’ll instantly fall in love with our WebApp, you can bookmark the page on your homescreen and browse through the entire site without having to leave it or type extra links!