KNOWLEDGEBASE FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the purpose of My-Streets?

My-Streets gives you the ability to actively participate in your local community's health and well being. Users may submit an issue, any issue that they feel impacts or benefits their local community. As an example submissions might include issues such as broken or missing street signs, garbage dumped by the side of the road (that are an eyesore), abandoned automobiles, vandalism, and generally anything that you think has been unnoticed by your local government. If you are concerned about your community and want a level of accountability that might be missing from your local government then here is your chance to participate.

Who will respond to my issue?

As issues accumulate they are forwarded to your local community government for attention. Depending on validation of the issue, then the local government will schedule remedial action. However, keep in mind all issues are governed by availability of local resources and personnel available to perform the work required by a request. My-Streets will update all issue submissions with status updates as supplied by the local government responsible for such action(s).   You also have an option to subscribe to issue notifications. Notification subscription offers the ability to select issues important to you, not necessarily submitted by you, and receive notification when the issue progresses through its life-cycle.

How much will this service cost me?

There is no charge or cost to residents for submitting issue reports affecting your community. However, to use our solution you do need to have a valid login name and a password obtained through our registration process.

Can I see all issues reported in my community?

Yes, you can. Simply login and review the "Community Watch List". This is a list of issues linked to your community. By default, items in this list are sorted by current status. If you want additional detail information about a specific issue, then select it in the list and double click to see a full report of the logged issue.

Why does it take so long to see action?

Issues logged through My-Streets are forwarded to your local community for review and action if appropriate. Keep in mind there is no immediate obligation by either My-Streets or your local community to take action on any issue that has been submitted. However, once an issue has been acknowledged by your local community My-Streets will in-turn update the status indicator for that issue. An issue that has been accepted by your local community may or may not be scheduled for attention. The timing of the work scheduled to resolve an issue depends on work load and availability of personnel to take the corrective or requested action.

How do I report a community issue?

Users with a validated login may use and submit community issues using our solution. The process is relatively simple, login using your preferred login name and password and then create an issue report as you like.

How do I keep track of community issues important to me?

You may set up "My Watch List" to track community issues important to you. Once set up, the list automatically updates (status changes) whenever there is a change to the issues selected. You may also "subscribe" to an issue notification process. This process will send subscribers email notification triggered by an issue's status change.

I just noticed a large pot hole in the road, how can I report this before I forget?

Using our mobile application, you can login and report issues using a hand-held device. The mobile application must be installed on the device and will use the same login as our web-based solution.

How can I help to get this application available in my neighborhood?

You may use our Contact page to send us a message requesting inclusion of your community in our service coverage. We will reach out to your local community officials and initiate coverage. In the meantime, create your community issue and we will handle the rest.

Why do we have an option to submit issues anonymously?

Issue submissions are not linked to the user making the submission but rather to the community for which the issue was reported, thereby assuring anonymity and user privacy.

How can I create a report of interested issues?

You may simply click on the report icon and create an on-screen report of issues of interest to you. You may also create a more customized report based upon the query selections that are offered.

What time of the day can I submit an issue?

You may submit an issue to My-Streets any time day or night, 24x7.